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Your safety at Rod Laver Arena 

The safety of guests at Rod Laver Arena is our highest priority.  

As such, we’ve updated our security measures to align with major venue and event security standards locally and internationally to make sure every visitor at Rod Laver Arena feels safe and welcome. 

You’ll notice increased security at Rod Laver Arena, with Victoria Police present throughout the precinct and venue on event days. 

Make sure you read and understand our conditions of entry. We try to help guests by sharing key information on our website, through social media and via email, but we can’t always reach everyone.  

What not to bring to Rod Laver Arena 

Rod Laver Arena’s conditions of entry outline the complete list of prohibited items. Double check you’re not bringing anything you shouldn’t before coming to an event at Rod Laver Arena. 

Guests commonly arrive with the following prohibited items, which we ask you to leave at home: 

  • Backpacks, including handbags that can be worn across the back; 
  • Sports bags; 
  • Laptops; 
  • iPads;
  • Large bags above 30x30cms. 

Cloaking is available free of charge, but space is limited. Allow time for this because it can take up to 30 minutes before and after an event to cloak and collect your items. 

Rod Laver Arena now offers bag-free express lanes so guests who leave their bags at home can enter the arena faster. 

Some events will carry specific conditions of entry at the request of the artist and tour management. Check the event page of the show you are attending for details. This may include a complete ban on all bags, as well as no bottles or cameras. 

What to expect when arriving at Rod Laver Arena 

All guests need to undertake a security screening which will include a bag search and magnetic wanding. 

The screenings can take time, so leave yourself at least an hour before the show starts to avoid missing anything.  

Guests with prohibited items will need to cloak these at our information booth before entering the arena. 

Cloaking is at the discretion of venue and security staff, and all items will be visually inspected by our team. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Why can’t I bring a backpack to Rod Laver Arena? 

Backpacks are restricted based on advice from international security experts who work with tours and concert venues around the world.  

Rod Laver Arena has made this standard policy for all events, the only exception is family events (such as Disney on Ice).  

What if I need a larger bag for medical reasons? 

Guests carrying medical equipment or medication may use a bag larger than 30x30cm if their items don’t fit in a smaller bag.  

Medical equipment or medication still can’t be carried in a backpack unless reasonably required. Get in touch if you’re unsure or have questions about this.  

Guests carrying medical items must still make their bags available for search, and our security team will visibly inspect items without removing them from the bag. 

Why are Rod Laver Arena’s restrictions different to other venues such as AAMI Park and the MCG? 

Most events at Rod Laver Arena are concerts feature international performers. The security teams for our performers are generally international, who operate slightly differently to our local sporting teams. 

Why wasn’t my handbag allowed into Rod Laver Arena? 

Your handbag may not have been allowed into Rod Laver Arena because: 

  • The bag had straps that allowed it to be worn across the back, like a backpack; 
  • The bag had studs or embellishments that our security team viewed as a danger to other patrons; 
  • Your bag was larger than 30x30cms. 

What if I don’t want to cloak my prohibited item? 

Guests who don’t comply with these restrictions will not be permitted access into Rod Laver Arena. Guests carrying prohibited items in the arena may be asked to leave. 

The safety of all guests is our priority. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, contact us

Who do I contact if I am concerned about my safety? 

If you are concerned about your safety at any time, please see one of our staff in the bright blue or yellow t-shirts. Alternatively, you can text our guest concerns and anti-social behaviour line on 0421 268 555. Please include your location in your text, and details of the incident.