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Updated: July 2021


Your safety is our number one priority. 

We've made some changes to the venue to keep you safe and you can help us by following the guidelines below.

Have you made any COVIDSafe changes to your venues?

Melbourne & Olympic Parks (M&OP) are committed to delivering COVID-Safe venues and events.

Our priority is the welfare, health and safety of our guests, staff, hirers, athletes, performers and all who engage with us.

To ensure our venues are safe, M&OP has developed specific COVID-Safe operating principles that address all elements of the event experience.

M&OP's focus is on ensuring that the right resources are available to support our guests and hirers in order to maintain consistent engagement with the Victorian Depart of Health and relevant government agencies to deliver this commitment.

For more information, read our COVIDSafe Commitment.

What type of physical distancing measures will you have in place?

Guests are asked to maintain 1.5m physical distancing when at the precinct by following the signage placed in the venue and directions from our venue staff.

What is the seating capacity for events?

Events will proceed in line with Victorian Department of Health restrictions, which apply at the time of the event.

Please refer to the event page on the Ticketek website for more information.

What hygiene and cleaning practices have been put in place?

M&OP has increased its cleaning of high-touch surfaces across all venues.

We strongly encourage our guests to play their part by washing their hands regularly and using the hand sanitising stations provided.

What if I feel unwell?

Do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell and are presenting COVID-19 symptoms.

If you feel unwell, please stay home and get tested in line with the Victorian Department of Health Guidelines available here.

If you begin to feel unwell when you are at the event, please report this to a member of staff.

I am not feeling well, am I eligible for a refund?

If you are presenting with COVID-19 symptoms or; are required to quarantine due to being diagnosed with COVID-19 or; are required to self-isolate after being identified as a close contact to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact Ticketek directly. 

What if I have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19?

Guests should stay at home if they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

What crowd control measures are in place?

We have invested in ongoing training of our venue staff to safely manage crowds in a friendly and caring way.

We also ask that you play your part by observing the signage in the venue and following the directions from our venue staff.

If you have any concerns during the event, please raise them with our venue staff or contact the anti-social hotline to report strange behaviour.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Masks must be worn indoors and when moving about the venue.

Will I be asked to do a temperature check?

Temperature checking is not required for guests attending our venues.


Can I park at Melbourne Park?

Parking at Melbourne Park is strongly recommended to be pre-booked.

Bookings close at midnight the night before the event.

Please note, drive-up spaces are limited and subject to availability.

What if parking is sold out?

If parking is sold out, there are other parking options near the precinct.

How do I book accessible parking?

Accessible parking is booked through Ticketek via their Accessible Seating Hotline: (03) 9286 1208

We recommend booking parking in advance to avoid disappointment.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you’ve registered online, you can log in and cancel.

If you don have an online account, click on ‘Manage my Booking’ and enter your email and booking number to cancel.

If you no longer need your booking, you need to cancel at least 24 hours before.


Will cloaking facilities be available?

To reduce the manual handling of items, cloaking facilities will not be available.

Can I bring a backpack into the venue?

Backpacks of any size or type are no longer permitted at M&OP venues. All other bags must be A4 in size or smaller. This applies to handbags that can be worn as a backpack.

Please refer to your event page for any changed bag conditions.

Can I bring my camera into the venue?

Small, handheld, personal cameras are fine, including your phone camera. Your camera cannot have a detachable lens.

In some instances, cameras may be banned entirely or event hirers request that guests refrain from taking photos and videos altogether.

Please check the event page before attending for more information.

Can I bring a pram into the venue?

Prams are not permitted into Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena or John Cain Arena. For children's and family events, pram parking will be available.

Prams are permitted into AAMI Park for sporting events only, but must be folded under your seat.


How do I book tickets?

All tickets to our events are available through Ticketek.

What do I do if I did not purchase my tickets through Ticketek?

Ticketek is our exclusive authorised ticket seller.

Only valid tickets purchased through Ticketek will be guaranteed access to our venues.

If you have purchased a ticket through an unauthorised seller you may be denied entry and should consult the seller directly.

How do I know where my seats are located?

Ticketek will display an arena/stadium map which will show which section of the venue you are buying into.

Can I change my seat once the booking is complete?

Unfortunately, once you have completed your purchase, you are unable to change your allocation.

Does Ticketek accept all credit cards?

Ticketek accepts all major debit and credit cards for bookings made online.

Other methods of payment including cash are accepted at physical outlets.

Are my credit card details secure when purchasing tickets online?

Yes. Ticketek adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. For more information, please click here.

Can I purchase tickets if I live overseas?

Yes. Please ensure you select mobile or Ezy ticket delivery at the time of purchase.

If you do not have an Australian mobile phone number your tickets will be sent to you via email.

Where can I collect my tickets?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all tickets will be paperless.

All guests will receive either an Ezy ticket or a dynamic mobile ticket.

Guests will receive an SMS reminder on the day of the event directing them to open their mobile ticket before arriving at the venue.

How do I use mobile tickets?

Follow the steps here for how to use mobile tickets here.

Where are my mobile tickets stored?

Mobile tickets are stored in your Apple Wallet, the Ticketek App or your Ticketek account once you have completed your purchase.

How do I get my mobile ticket on my phone?

You can access your mobile ticket via the text message Ticketek will send you or via the app.

Why are we only able to receive mobile tickets and is this a permanent change?

For the time being we will only be issuing mobile tickets for events that are currently, or soon to be, on-sale.

We know many fans keep their tickets as a keepsake, however this decision has been made to reduce manual handling by guests and staff at the venue.

When will I receive my mobile tickets once I have purchased?

The timeframe for mobile ticket release is determined by the venue hirer and may be delayed for release until closer to the event date if not issued immediately at the time of purchase.

This will be advised at time of purchase on the event page of the Ticketek website.

Where do I enter the venue?

Zones and entry points will be listed on mobile tickets.

You must remain within the zone indicated on your mobile ticket and only leave your seat if you need to buy food and beverage or use the restroom.

How do I bring up the mobile ticket on my phone?

There are a few ways to retrieve your mobile ticket:

  • Click the link in your text message from Ticketek
  • Open the Ticketek App and select your ticket
  • Open your Apple Wallet and select your ticket
  • Log into your Ticketek Account and access your mobile ticket

What do I do if the mobile ticket won't come up on my phone?

Ensure your brightness is up and there is nothing else on your screen. If you are still having trouble, ask a staff member located in the Box Office.

My phone screen is cracked. What do I do?

Please see a Box Office staff member for further assistance.

I left my phone at home. What do I do?

Please see a Box Office staff member for further assistance.

I don't have a mobile phone. Can I still purchase a ticket?

You can purchase tickets online or from physical Ticketek outlets before the event.

If you are unable to access tickets via a mobile device, hard tickets can be issued at the venue box office with proof of purchase. You will be required to provide identification showing you are the purchaser of the tickets.

What are the Conditions of Entry?

Conditions of Entry can be found on the M&OP website or at the entrance to the venue.

Can I leave a ticket to be picked up at the venue?

All mobile tickets may be shared. Please follow the directions for ticket sharing here.

I have shared a mobile ticket with my family member/friend. How do they accept it?

Once you have shared a mobile ticket, the recipient will receive a unique link via email or SMS depending on how you opted to send it.

They will need to have a Ticketek account to accept the shared mobile ticket.

If they don't have one, creating an account is easy. Simply visit the Ticketek website for more information.

I have shared a mobile ticket but the recipient has not yet received it. What do I do?

Follow these steps to validate:

  1. Open the Ticketek app
  2. Visit your order history
  3. Identify the mobile ticket you have tried to share and check the status of the share
  4. Check that the email address or mobile phone number is correct
  5. You can choose to cancel or recall the mobile ticket share and attempt to share it again with the recipient

I've shared a mobile ticket. How long does the recipient have to accept it?

The recipient has 48 hours to accept the mobile ticket share.

If the mobile ticket is not accepted, you will receive a notification and the mobile ticket will be stored in your order history.

I've shared a mobile ticket but would like to undo. What do I do?

If you’ve shared a mobile ticket that you'd like to recall, visit 'Your Tickets' in the Ticketek mobile app.

Alternatively, click the SMS link for the mobile ticket you have shared.

Based on the status of the shared mobile ticket you can 'Cancel' or 'Recall' the mobile ticket.

The mobile ticket holder will receive an email notification when this occurs.

I've accepted a mobile ticket share but would like to undo. What do I do?

If you’ve accepted a shared mobile ticket that you no longer wish to have, visit 'Your Tickets' in the Ticketek mobile app.

Simply tap 'Return' and the mobile ticket will be passed back to the mobile ticket owner and removed from your account.

The mobile ticket owner will receive an email notification when this occurs.

If an event is cancelled, am I eligible for a refund?


How do I know if an event will be rescheduled?

The venue hirer will advise if a cancelled event is to be rescheduled.

This information will be updated on the event page of the M&OP and Ticketek websites as soon as we are aware.

I have changed my mind and can no longer attend the event. Can my tickets be refunded or exchanged?

We cannot refund or exchange for change of mind purchases. 

I have lost my ticket. What should I do?

Please contact Ticketek directly to arrange a replacement.

How can I get accessible tickets for a show?

Wheelchair bays and accessible seating must be pre-booked through the Melbourne Park Accessible Seating service:

  • Reach them by phone on 03 9286 1208;
  • Submit a request to be contacted online here.

The Melbourne Park Accessible Seating team will contact you to finalise the transaction.

If there is still availability, you can also get your tickets on the day from the accessible ticket window at the venue's Box Office.

I have an accessibility requirement but booked standard seating - what should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible by calling the Melbourne Park Accessible Seating service on 03 9286 1208.

If you arrive at an event with an accessibility requirement which was not accounted for at the time of booking, our team will do everything they can to relocate you to an appropriate area, however, this may not always be possible.

Are group bookings available?

Yes. Ticketek has a dedicated Group Bookings Department via a phone on 1300 364 001 or online.

Will I be able to get a Pass Out?

No. Pass Outs will not be available.

You will not be permitted re-entry if you leave the venue before the end of an event.


Will I be able to buy food and beverage?

Yes. Food and beverage outlets will be open.

Our service offering will align with COVIDSafe practices to limit contact and wait times, ensuring the safety of our guests and staff.

Food and beverage must be consumed in your seat.

Can I pay with cash?

Our food and beverage outlets will be cashless.

We are only able to serve one guest per group and split bills are will not be an option.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Will the Railyards Restaurant be open at Rod Laver Arena?

M&OP’s facilities will operate in line with the Victorian Department of Health guidelines at the time of your event.

To confirm which outlets are in operation, please visit the Rod Laver Arena website before your event.

Will merchandise be available to purchase?

Availability of merchandise is determined by the hirer.

Please check the event page on the website for more details.

Can I bring my own food into the venue?

Please refer to the venue's Conditions of Entry. If it is homemade and in small amounts, it is acceptable.

Can I bring a bottle of water into the venue?

You can bring a water bottle into the venues providing it is 600ml or under and made from 'soft plastic'.

Please check the event page before your event for more information as certain events do not allow bottles, and cloaking facilities are not available.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the venue?

No. Our venues are licensed. For most events, you will be able to purchase alcohol from our retail outlets.


Can I pay with cash?

All transaction points within M&OP venues will be cashless. No ATMs are available onsite.

Can I split bills?

Unfortunately, only one person from your group will be permitted to order, pay and collect food from the outlet.


Will there be meet and greet opportunities at a concert?

Please check the specific event page on the Ticketek website for available VIP packages.

When will set times be available?

We will share set timings for your event on our website as soon as they are available.

Please check the event page on the website for more information.

What time is last entry?

For most events, you can enter the venue any time after it has commenced.

However, some events may carry a lockout time which will be shared on the event page closer to the event.

Will the roof be open or closed during events at your venues?

All events at AAMI Park are outdoor.

The roof at Rod Laver Arena, John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena is always closed for events unless stated on the event page on the M&OP website.

Where can I smoke?

All venues are smoke-free.

You will not be entitled to a pass out should you wish to smoke during the event after you have entered.

Do I need to bring ID?

Our venues are all ages, however, if you are attending an event that has age restrictions you may need to show a valid ID upon entry.

You may also be asked to show ID to purchase alcohol.

We recommend children under the age of 16 are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can I take my child to an event?

Unless the event is restricted to guests who are aged 18 and over, children may attend with a responsible adult.

Most events have a 'free on the knee' policy where children under a certain age can attend for free if they don't occupy a seat.

Below is a general guide to 'free on the knee' ages.

Please note that the hirer may specify what ages qualify for 'free on the knee', and this will be outlined on the Ticketek event page at the time of ticket purchase:

  • Sporting events - children four and under
  • Concerts and special events - children three and under
  • Children's shows - child must be no older than 23 months

The 'free on the knee' policy does not apply to general admission standing concert tickets.

All guests accessing a general admission standing floor regardless of age must have a valid ticket.