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19th Jan - 1st Feb 2015

Australian Open 2015

January in Melbourne means only one thing - the Australian Open is back in town.

10th Feb 2015

Paul Simon and Sting on Stage Together

Known for exploring world rhythms, Sting and Paul Simon have pushed the boundaries of popular music and continue to speak to generations of fans.

20th Feb 2015


Legendary Swedish pop-rockers ROXETTE are returning to Australia for a national tour in summer 2015. Listen to your heart and come join the joyride!

21st Feb 2015

Guy Sebastian

Melbourne, get ready! This is your chance to see Guy Sebastian like you have never seen him before. It would be complete madness to miss this show!

22nd Feb - 26th Feb 2015

The Eagles

Unmistakable West Coast harmonies and the songwriting gems of Glenn Frey and Don Henley, don’t miss your chance to see the Eagles make history!

27th Feb 2015


For the past few years, Drake has sat at the nucleus of the worldwide rap and R&B worlds. It’s hard to think of another current artist who has so successfully ridden the lines between megastar and critical darling.

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